Investing in a socially responsible and ethical way is no longer niche; it is an intrinsic aspect of mainstream portfolio construction and for many investors it is a key focus that enables them to arrange investments that are aligned with their social and moral principles and the way they live their lives.

ESG is a recognised way of measuring the sustainability of companies from not just one ethical perspective, but 3 – Environmental, Social and Governance.

So, ESG investing involves researching and factoring in these Environmental, Social and Governance issues and can help to work out how big a part these principles will play in a company’s long term performance.

Here are some of the key factors that are given consideration in each area when assessing companies for potential investment:

Environmental – how a company impacts on the environment

  • Climate change impact
  • Air & water pollution
  • Transparency in meeting greenhouse gas emissions goals
  • Use of renewable energy – wind and solar for example
  • Relationship with environmental regulatory bodies

Social – how a company engages with its employees, clients and communities

  • Employee treatment – including working conditions, benefits and training
  • Gender equality policies – including diversity and inclusion
  • Human rights
  • Data security
  • Customer service responsiveness

Governance – how a company is managed

  • The board structure – including conflicts of interest and diversity
  • Management values designed to drive long term growth of the company
  • Financial reporting – timely and accurate
  • Business ethics and culture
  • Remuneration of executive employees – including bonus packages

Fogwill & Jones recognises the crucial role that the ESG philosophy plays in meeting our clients’ needs for socially responsible investment and we are very pleased to provide a suite of portfolio solutions to meet that need.

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Source – Andrew Ball – Chartered Financial Planner