Later Life & Care Funding Advice

Later Life & Care Funding Advice

In the 2016-2017 tax year, the average weekly cost of a room in a residential home in the UK was £600, and a room in a nursing home cost £841. This amounts to between £31,200 and £43,723 per year. However, these are average figures, so you or your relative could be looking at considerably higher or lower figures depending on where you live (source: Age UK).

Fogwill & Jones provide specialist support, advice and information to both existing and new clients who may find themselves facing some of the challenges experienced in later life, such as Long Term Care, Funding Options and Independent Care Advice.

Whether you are in need of care and are a self-funder, or if you are arranging the care of your loved ones, we have the experience and connections to help you prepare for this new step in your life.

We work alongside the Fogwill & Jones Legal Services Ltd team. This means that ‘under one roof’ our clients can access Independent Financial Advice, in addition to the specialist services of a qualified Solicitor on matters such as Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Estate and Trust Planning.

We can help you understand:

  • the benefits system and whether you are claiming what you are entitled
  • the responsibilities and duties under a Power of Attorney
  • a financial and affordability assessment
  • your choices regarding property
  • the choices you have in relation to paying for care

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