Investment Planning

Investment Planning

We provide holistic independent financial planning which includes both Advisory and Discretionary Services.

The Advisory Service

This service is for Clients wishing to benefit from a “light touch” service but still require expert advice for relatively straight forward financial affairs and wish to keep your adviser and maintenance costs to a minimum. You wish to have contact with your adviser on no more than an annual basis.

The Discretionary Service

Our Discretionary Investment Service takes care of your investments for you, giving peace of mind that your wealth is in good hands. With the expertise of a dedicated Financial Adviser, we offer an investment service with an agreed and targeted level of risk to preserve and grow your wealth over the long term.

The Discretionary Investment Service offers the opportunity to have your Capital Gains Tax allowance utilised each year, thereby saving potential future tax charges. This depends on the way your investments are structured.

With a team of professional Investment Managers, we monitor and adapt your portfolio and provide access to some of the world’s leading fund managers. You can be sure your investments are receiving expert attention.

Features of the investment portfolio

You have access to a wide range of funds

We are continually researching new investment opportunities on your behalf and typically research or talk to over 500 investment managers every year. We seek out the leading fund managers and most efficient solutions across each discipline, to invest your money in a portfolio of diversified funds which will meet your risk rated attitude. These investments are held in a unitised fund that simplifies administration and offers Capital Gains Tax deferral, irrespective of underlying trading activity.

Our portfolios are aligned to your risk profile

Our starting point when we design your investment strategy is your risk profile – where we consider how comfortable you are with fluctuations in your portfolio value and potential losses. Our aim is to achieve the perfect balance – competitive performance, without taking more risk than you have told us you are willing to accept or can afford.

We actively monitor your portfolio

We review funds on a continuous basis to determine if they’re still suitable. If a fund isn’t right for you, then we’ll change it. We are always researching new investment opportunities on your behalf.

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