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Probate Administration

We understand that when you find yourself needing information on Estate Administration, you are probably suffering the loss of a loved one or dear friend. We want to make the legal process of handling that person’s estate as hassle free and painless for you as possible.

Fogwill and Jones can complete all the necessary forms (of which there are many), keep in contact with all the Government Offices, Life Offices, Banks, Building Societies and anyone else needed to complete the estate details on your behalf. Our experienced staff will, in short, take the worry out of the whole process of probate for you.

It may be that a Grant of Probate is not required and in order to establish this at the outset we would initially need to know:

Is there a Will?

If there is a Will – Who are the Executors and Trustees?

If there is no Will – Who is the next of kin?

If there is no Will, the next of kin will become what is known as the Personal Representative(s) and the estate will come under the laws of intestacy, however the process is the same as obtaining a Grant of Probate.

Our staff will help establish whether the estate is straightforward and if probate can be dealt with by you or whether the Executors/Personal Representatives need help or indeed for us to do it on their behalf.

Obtaining probate is a legal requirement

Let our professional Probate Administrators and Tax experts take away the stress and complicated form filling for you. Our charges are on an hourly rate basis and in addition, unlike some Solicitors we do not charge a percentage of the estate value on top of this hourly rate.

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